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    Photographer Tim Carter captured these adorable images of this Red Fox playing, stretching and sleeping in the snow. 

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  2. theadultsHey, you’re not an ohio boy! Nevertheless, love you and your photography. you should swing by cincinnati sometime :)

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    So cute.

    how can you not love them? 

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    …and at once I knew I was not magnificent.

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  7. i think jack might be my soulmate <3 

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    Following back EVERYONE today! ♡

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  9. when your money’s gone and you’re drunk as hell

    so the college lifestyle is really catching up with me, i feel like i’ve never been closer to homelessness than i am now. unfortunately i’m working 6 days a week and still don’t have the money to afford the things i want. its an undesirable lifestyle that im choosing to endure during the next few years. an older friend of mine tells me im restless because im feeling so stuck between being a kid and an adult that its hard. im not sure that there is anyway to move through these years but im not sure why i want to move through them so quickly. its sad cause i know ill regret trying to rush this time in my life but i feel so uneasy in my life right now it causes stress.

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    I’m not looking for a tumblr gf and probably won’t follow back, but I like my blog and maybe you will too ★

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    Amazing Long-Exposure Pics Of Star Trails

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    Learn interesting characteristics of the sun-sign Leo

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